Grilling up one of our sausages, franks or snappy's is just one way to enjoy the flavors of Hofmann's. There are countless recipes that utilize our thoughtfully crafted products to enrich the flavor of so many meals that are shared around dinner tables each night.


Hofmann Kielbasa Sausage and Peppers

Just because this comfort dish is quick and easy, don't think that it skips on flavor. The tangy seasonings, vegetables and quality meat are brought together with a hearty dose of parmesan cheese and just a splash of balsamic vinegar to give your taste buds a treat that will have you going back for seconds.....and maybe thirds!


Bacon Wrapped Hofmann Cheddar Brats

Who doesn't like having Hofmann Pigs in a Blanket with friends, while watching your favorite team? If you can't resist that flavor then you are sure to love Bacon Wrapped Hofmann Cheddar Brats. This sinfully delicious way of wrapping a delicious beer braised Hofmann Cheddar Brat in bacon and kicking it up with some cayenne pepper and brown sugar will have you screaming FOUL at any friend who gets near your new found tasty treat.


New Yorker Chicago Style

It is the fusion of two great titans....New York and Chicago. There has not been a more powerful product come out of New York and make its way to Chicago since Capone. The delectable taste has its roots in New York with the quality of an all Beef Hofmann Frank, but topped with the taste that is uniquely Chicago. If you even think about adding ketchup to this baby.....Forgetaboutit!


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