The Hofmann Sausage Company has been an iconic brand in upstate New York and across the eastern seaboard for over 133 years.


The Rich History of Hofmann

Year: 1879

The Founders

Frank Hofmann's sons, August C. and John Hofmann open Hofmann Brothers, a retail store and sausage business, in the city of Syracuse, New York.

Year: 1932

The Famous "Snappys"

Hofmann launches the now famous, “Snappys” or Coneys which would become widely popular throughout the state of New York and synonymous with nitrite-free, quality smoked sausage. To this day, our “Snappys” stand alone as a New York institution, with one particular roadside location near Syracuse selling as much as 165,000 pounds of “Snappys” in a single season.

Year: 1968

A New Name

Elizabeth Hofmann Flook, pictured here with the three previous generations, takes the reigns as the Fourth Generation of Family, and changes the name to Hofmann Sausage Company, focusing solely on natural casing product and streamlining and modernizing the process.

Year: 1989

5th Generation

Walter "Rusty" Flook, the 5th Generation of Hofmann family, becomes President of Hofmann Sausage Company.

Year: 2013

The Expansion

Hofmann Sausage Company takes the taste that New Yorkers have loved for so many years and starts to share with the rest of the nation with expansion into the South Eastern part of the United States. August C. Hofmann is one of the men that started it all.